Weekly Tournaments


We hold double tournaments every Monday evening.  Members of all levels, together with new players, are welcome to participate.



Other Opening Times



The club is closed on Wednesdays, therefore we often take the club members to Sway - Just a Plain Bar and play a tournament with the local players in the city.  It is a good way to promote the club, and at the same time have a lot of fun!


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We have training on Thursdays, where it is possible to receive coaching to improve your skills.  The training takes place in a very informal atmosphere, where plays of all levels are welcome and can get something out of being here.



Other days


Sometimes the club is open outside of the official opening hours; these will be announced on our Facebook page.



Official ITSF Tournaments


Aarhus Open

Each fall Aarhus Bordfodboldforening hosts an official ITSF tournament where players from around Denmark, as well as international players, attend to compete for the top spot and prize money.


Points earned in this tournament count towards international rankings and for qualification to the World Cup to represent Denmark on the national team.