The Club

History of the Club

Aarhus Foosball Club, ÅBF was founded around 2004 by a small flock of engaged foosball players at the inaugural general assembly at Le Coq.


Aarhus municipality made a room available in the old restaurant Søpavillonen on Hjortholmsvej 2, which was to be shared with other associations. This resulted in the tables being stored in a small kitchen with a very small exit, where you then started the training by moving the tables out into the room. This was very difficult, but fortunately ÅBF eventually got both rooms to themselves, so that the tables could be available all the time.

However, the premises in Søpavillonen were only on loan temporarily, and around 2009 ÅBF then had to move to a new location made available by the commune. This time in the old children's house. This was a step forward in terms of the location on Saltholmsgade 22 and the large area of the room. Again, however, it was a temporary arrangement as the building was slated for demolition.


It was not until July 1st, 2017 that this resulted in us having to move again, this time to the old civil registration office on Knudrisgade 5, which was once again planned to be demolished. Here the club could exist until the end of April 2018.

On May 1st, 2018, ÅBF moved into our current location at the old N. J. Fjordsgade school; for the first time in the club's history it was not a temporary space.


It is also the most modern location the club has had, and there is a good opportunity to borrow additional rooms for large tournaments, as the commune has gathered a good number of associations under Sports and Leisure there.

Club Presidents

Name From To
Peter Højgaard 2004? Mellem 23. august 2004 og februar 2005
Morten Hougaard Jespersen 23. august 2004? ?
Alper Sahin ? Februar 2007
Tanja B. Lang Februar 2007 10. februar 2008
Troels Grosbøll-Poulsen 10. februar 2008 4. marts 2013
Martin Due 4. marts 2013 1. juni 2015
Didde Maria Larsen 1. juni 2015 25. februar 2018
Laura Haslam Lassen 25. februar 2018 23. februar 2020
Hannibal Krabbe-Keblovszki 23. februar 2020 --